Case Study

Leap Motion Game - Precision Mode (screencap)


A physical installation at the WIRED Store showcasing the 2014 Corvette Stingray.


The WIRED Store is an annual popup space in New York that displays cool, upcoming consumer products. As one of the main product features at the store, the Stingray booth housed the car itself, merchandise and a leap motion game experience.

The game, Precision Mode, is an extension of the online experience but rethought for leap motion. It involves three cognitive challenges based on actual Stingray features that tests users’ reaction times. The device itself is embedded inside a podium in front of a 70-inch main screen with a pair of 40-inch monitors on either side for an immersive experience. The game runs in a fullscreen Chrome environment and was built using HTML5 Video, Canvas, WebGL, and Websockets. A NodeJS backend powers the communication between all three monitors.

Produced the leap motion game experience under a very short timeline and within budget. Working off the actual hardware used at the store provided us with enough time to QA and develop a fallback solution. Trained event staff on game setup and how to troubleshoot. Also managed the design of the space and coordinated on the build out of the physical booth, working closely with the agency and the fabricator.


Role: Integrated Producer
Credits: Commonwealth, Jack Morton, B-Reel, Active Theory
Client: GM/Chevrolet