What I Love is an interactive experience that explores how climate change can affect the very things we cannot live without.


What I Love invites users to go through a visual questionnaire to identify things they love and build a personalized canvas filled with animations to see how each of them are affected by climate change, using scientific data provided by The Climate Reality Project.

Accompanied with a short teaser shot by Matthew J. Lloyd featuring Demi Moore (VO) and music by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, the site aims to raise awareness and bring people together around the issue, making climate change a personal matter.

Managed entire production, which encompassed a digital experience that included both desktop and mobile builds that required substantial asset collection. With a small budget and a large shot list (100+), I organized a 5-day shoot (road trip) all over California with a crew of seven to capture assets for the site and to create a teaser along with pre-rolls. I led post on all of the content produced.


Role: Integrated Producer
Credits: B-Reel, Nylon Studios
Client: Climate Reality Project