Episode 1


The Beauty Inside is a 30-minute social film that aired as a six-part web series, allowing users to audition before each episode to play the main character, Alex.


Directed by Drake Doremus, the film is about Alex (Topher Grace) who wakes up as a different person every day. He is always the same person on the inside despite his ever-changing experience. Alex uses his laptop to document his condition as he falls for Leah (Mary Elizabeth Winstead).

The film launched on Facebook with Timeline serving as Alex’s blog before and after each episode while a dedicated app allowed users to record their auditions via webcam. Users were provided with prompts related to the film to audition with. Selected users had their auditions posted as Alex’s blog content on Facebook and were invited to shoot a take for the film.

I managed the digital production of the experience on Facebook to cater for launch in 8 languages across 13 countries. This involved a robust CMS that was also used to moderate user submissions. I worked closely with the casting director and director's assistant to identify UGC content to publish on Facebook as well as potential talent to feature in the film, leading a team of 8 moderators that handled hundreds of daily user submissions. I also organized recording sessions with selected users around the world, shooting multiple takes over Skype with the director and then coordinated with post to finish each episode over six weeks.


Role: Integrated Producer
Credits: Pereira & O'Dell, B-Reel
Client: Intel & Toshiba