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A mysterious underground room called Tap Joint was created to tease the release of Tom Hanks’s new post-apocalyptic web series, Electric City.


TapJoint is a real world version of the animated series, which puts the user in the POV of a character from the show with a few tools and clues. Armed with nothing but a Tap Kit, users must use the Morse code-like device to find answers. Every tap message sent receives an answer in return as if you were talking to a real person.

I produced the clue-based game, working closely with creative and the developers. We first built a logic system that would trigger specific responses based on prepositions, direct objects, and keywords inputted. From there, we mapped out all the clues to determine what users needed to ask to prompt them. Led testing/QA efforts to ensure authenticity and that users could find the necessary clues to solve the game.


Role: Digital Producer
Credits: Pereira & O'Dell, B-Reel
Client: Yahoo!