Test Drive - Kazunori Yamauchi


The 2014 Biometric Test Drive is the first ever reverse test drive. Where people did not just test the new Corvette, but the Stingray tested them.


Chevrolet invited a pro driver and 5 influencers to test-drive the Stingray on a racetrack. Each driver wore an electrode cap and was strapped with the latest in remote biometric monitoring systems to accurately measure brain wave (EEG) data as well as vital responses to driving the Stingray. The Stingray itself was fitted with a V-box device to measure vehicle performance (e.g. engine speed, g-orce, track position) in relation to each driver.

Directed by Jon + Torey, the Biometric Test Drive found that each driver reacted differently when compared to the pro-driver who served as our baseline. Five short docs were created on each driver as well as an interactive game experience around the pro driver which tested users' reaction times. This consisted of 4 cognitive challenges based on actual features of the Stingray.

I was heavily involved in the whole project from pitch through delivery, working closely with creative, directors and the film crew on logistics around the test drive. This involved extensive research on biometric monitoring, EEG data capture and medical hardware to ensure qualitative data could be gathered inside a vehicle moving at high speeds.

I also managed post that included motion graphics on several videos, totaling to around 30 minutes worth of content. This involved creating a visual language for the different datasets and working with the editor on set to ensure the footage synced with the data captured via time code. On the digital side, I produced the interactive game, OLA banners and the Vimeo channel, which housed the game as well as all of the content.

Interactive Game


Role: Integrated Producer
Credits: Commonwealth, B-Reel, Active Theory
Client: GM/Chevrolet