Case Study

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Commercial By Design allowed users to make their own ad and vote for their favorite submission to air on TV.


With the debut of Union Bank's "Banking By Design" tool, we created Commercial By Design to generate buzz around the new product. Users were able to select from a variety of clips and upload a photo to create their own spot for Union Bank. From big entrances, unicorns, kittens, puppet, rock star, all the way down to the jingle at the end of the ad, users have complete control. Directed by Roderick Fenske, the campaign called on users to vote and submit their own spots. The submission with the most votes aired on TV.

Led digital production that included a backend system, which rendered all of the commercials in real-time on the web server including the composite of the user's name and photo, if selected. Also managed VFX post, as wire removal, screen and sky replacements were all necessary.


Role: Digital Producer
Credits: Eleven Inc, B-Reel
Client: Union Bank