Case Study

Live Game Feed

Live Game Feed


YouTube AdBlitz is an one-stop destination for fans during-and-after-the-game to watch, vote and share their favorite Super Bowl ads.


A YouTube channel filled with Super Bowl ads and widgets about football! From animated user polls to interactive games like Paper Football and Finger Press, all widgets were shareable and worked on multiple platforms. Adweek provided all the fun facts on the site and featured a print ad in their magazine promoting the channel.

During the game, ads would populate the channel as they aired. There was also a live game feed aimed at mobile users that was updated in real-time according to actual events happening in the game. Paper Football, for example, appeared on the feed every time a touchdown or field goal was scored. Call the Coach came on during timeouts with Coach calling "ad" plays on click or tap.

Managed entire digital production which included a handful of interactive widgets, YouTube mastheads as well as separate builds for desktop and mobile. We also built a custom CMS to moderate social content, tally votes, push live content into the game feed and change site state. The site changed according to the phase of the campaign, i.e. before, during-and-after the voting period to when the winning ads were announced. The result was truly a cross-platform experience that catered to a larger audience.


Role: Digital Producer
Credits: B-Reel
Client: Google